Loadtec supplies high quality and durable systems with long warranties that will give up to six liquid arms and one vapour arm per bay. Combined with our API coupler range we provide loading arms as stand-alone products, or along with our meter skid systems we provide packaged solutions for tanker lling working to all recognised design and functional standards.

The bottom loading arms are tted with spring cylinders which allow easy vertical position adjustment and incorporate our specially made composite hose for long life and chemical resistance.

The arms can optionally be tted with breakaway couplings when required.

The standard con guration bottom un/loading arm with ve swivels has been a dependable, safe and clean method for tanker ll/discharge for many years. Experience has shown that if the tanker connection arm is tted with high weight components such as a ball valve or breakaway coupling, the arm can be dif cult to manoeuvre and handle.

To prevent this and ensure that tanker loading is a one-man operation, Loadtec provides a six swivel arm design.

The arm is tted with six swivels for complete three axis movement of the tanker connection allowing for tanker height changes during ll/discharge, while keeping the loading arm connection to the tanker parallel to avoid stressing the tanker connections.

Did you know?

The lighter, the better
The combined weight of a 4-metre DN80 chemical hose, dry break coupler and full load of liquid is approximately 50kg. The weight of a fully laden bottom loading arm is 0kg. Which would you prefer to handle?