This type of loading arm is especially designed to transfer liquids and gases where vapour return is necessary. It is suitable for the bottom loading/unloading of road or rail tankers with flange connections or via a coupling. The loading arm has a long reach and is suitable for applications where the tanker connection flange cannot be accurately positioned.

Because of the robust and high quality design of the swivel joints and the precise loading arm balancing, handling of the loading arm is very easy. Recent developments have allowed for six swivels to be used in each arm. This gives true three axis movement at the tanker connection and makes handling the arm with valves or accessories effortless.

The arms can be designed to connect to side and/ or rear of the tanker and also cross over to suit the configuration of the tanker connections.

Did you know?

Avoid catastrophic losses
The e ect of an unplanned tanker departure while connected to the loading lines can be catastrophic, both in terms of human and production loss. It is far easier to fit emergency release couplers into the loading and vapour arms than to take a cumulative daily risk.