For pipe articulation while coping with expansion, vibration or just the simple need to move out of the way. Swivel joints provide an increasingly popular solution as companies move away from hose lines and require the integrity of a pipe with the flexibility of a hose.

The Loadtec SJ400 swivel joint is the key element of any Zip-Load loading arm. Its design provides very high integrity and moment load because the ball race diameter is significantly larger than the bore size of the pipe. Loadtec use a single ball race where most other manufacturers need two ball races to provide the same level of strength. Added to this, the single ball race gives the swivel a very low pro le and means that the arm is designed to be compact which is especially important when emptying tankers and constant drainage is required.

The design of the swivel joint means that the only parts in contact with the uid path are two flanges and the seal. The flanges are matched to the pipeline material, allowing us to manufacture the loading arms to suit any liquid application.

Swivels are available from 2” (DN50) to 6” (DN150).

Did you know?

Tried and tested
Loadtec sandwich style swivel joints come with a five-year warranty. The durability and flow characteristics of the Loadtec SJ410 swivel are best in class.