Loadtec utilises the pantograph link design to provide high quality and robust arms ranging from 4” to 20”. Apart from the standard temperature range, Loadtec can supply arms that operate between -196oC and +200oC.

A unique feature to the Loadtec marine loading arm is the ability to change the 1st and 2nd swivels in-situ without dismantling the arm. This is an important feature which offers huge cost savings over the lifetime of the arm.

Loadtec also has its own double ball valve and emergency release system which is installed in the vertical leg.

Loadtec hydraulic control systems are manufactured in Western Europe under our control and incorporate mainstream and recognised components.

Did you know?

Variations in vessels, tides, currents, etc can make accessing ships challenging
Loadtec’s ship to shore access equipment is designed and manufactured to meet your terminal’s specific needs and provide safe access to all types of vessels.