Recovery of valuable Hydrocarbon Products
The Application
In many petrochemical/chemical productions gaseous process streams are generated containing significant amounts of hydrocarbons, such as solvents, alcohols, aromatics etc. Typically these hydrocarbons are mixed in inert gas streams and must be treated in order to meet following typical targets:
to meet off-gas conditions according to emission legislations;
to recover the valuable hydrocarbon content and therefore minimise the loss of product and profit;
to meet the inlet conditions of any downstream process steps and systems.
Our Solution
The BORSIG Hydrocarbon Recovery technology is a portfolio of specially developed and customised process solution to meet the targets. Typically the membrane separation is combined with other unit operations, such as absorption, condensation, extraction etc. These hybrid processes are very efficient and enable the customer to operate his process with highest economically and ecologically efficiency.
A typical application is the powder degassing in slurry-type PE plants. Polymer is flashed and stripped with hot nitrogen and the released purge gas existing of nitrogen and solvents like butane, pentane or hexane can be processed by a sophisticated BORSIG Hydrocarbon Recovery process. The liquefied solvent and the nitrogen can be provided for re-use with highest purity.


The Benefits

Flexible system for multiple components handling;
Highest recovery rates and product purities;
Moderate pressures and temperatures applied for required condensation;
Safe operation, high reliability, low maintenance;
Modular design to meet specific plant’s conditions and local regulations;
Quick installation and easy implementation by package unit design;
Feasibility for adoption to existing plants (retrofit design).