The Large Cage Tanker Solution can be supplied from four to twelve metres long and can fix to a single pedestal standpost platform. Generally these are supplied with aluminium frames; however the cage can also be specified with galvanised rails. The system requires ve bar air to power the cylinders on the folding stairs and these are operated by a single simple lever at platform level.

The working height range for the tankers should be between 3.4 and 4 metres for the cage to work most effectively. The cage has strengthening bars which provide rigidity.

Optional gates can be moved along the cage by the operator standing on the xed platform. These will close off the areas of the cage that are not needed, decreasing the risk of falling off the end of the tanker.

Loadtec also supplies a custom fabricated platforms to suit this access system and ship the package anywhere in the world.

Did you know?

Do you need to access the top of trucks? How do you prevent potentially fatal falls?
Wide safety cages provide complete fall prevention on top of trucks where multiple hatches need to be accessed for loading, unloading, venting, inspecting, or sampling. The simple design can be easily configured to fit onto your existing structures or supplied with any platform and stair configuration.