Safe and efficient access onto marine vessels can be an exacting and difficult task. High seas, tidal variations and strong current can all conspire to make bridging of the gap between ship and dock both variable and hazardous.

Loadtec has a range of products aimed at making operator progress safe and reliable. Whether it is for barge or super-tanker, we can meet and exceed your expectations in this critical area.

Fully hydraulic, telescoping and swivelling gangways in aluminium or galvanised steel can be designed to meet any known criteria around the world.

Alongside our marine arm range, we are con dent that we can meet any jetty requirement for safe access and bulk uid transfer.

Did you know?

Do you have indequate or outdated marine access at your facility?
At Loadtec, our engineers know the ins and outs of safe access and egress, and they can design a custom gangway for your workers.