Constructed in either aluminium, these mobile platforms can be moved around a loading bay easily by one person or longer distances with a tractor. Wheels then run parallel to tanker for areas where space is limited.

It consists of an aluminium at-step extension ladder with open serrated metal plank steps giving an un-extended height 3m under platform up to an extended height of 5m under platform.

The large (1.6m wide X 2.14m long X 1m deep) cage is attached to a 0.46m wide X 0.725m long platform at the top of the ladder. The cage has a 0.4m walk surface on the inboard side.

To provide easy mobility the access cart is fitted with 0.4m foam-filled wheels. Levelling jacks at each corner provide a stable and firm base for safe ladder extension. The ladder is extended and retracted using a simple hand winch operation and the cart is easily moved around site using a steering handle with tow bar.

The access cart is supplied with CE certification and ATEX compliance.

Did you know?

Fall risk in the industry
901 non-fatal employee accidental falls happen in the transport and storage industry during 2013/14 in the UK. Loadtec’s mobile access cart can take away the risk associated with occasional tanker access.