In many cases, switching to bottom loading is not feasible. There exists a clear and present need to make access on tanker tops fool proof and as safe as possible. Loadtec offers a wide range of systems to suit every budget and tanker/plant con guration and these are designed to suit each particular site needs.

It cannot be said that a problem is unique, as there are an infinite number of tanker sizes and access choices possible; Loadtec has the solution for all of them.

The Multi-Modal Access System is designed to provide drivers and operators with flexible and safe access on to tankers of varying heights and lengths, whether to load or sample liquids or to open vents for bottom loading. The unique feature of the multi- modal is that each end of the cage can be tilted to match the slope of a tanker top. The multi-modal is made in galvanised steel and has aluminium ip-up floor panels. Galvanised or GRP floor panels can be specified if necessary. Used in conjunction with the Loadtec range of loading platforms and Zip-Load loading arms, the system can be designed to meet almost any customer requirement.

The multi-modal concept is well proven and has been sold around the world for over 20 years with great success. The continuous oor level removes any concerns about tanker walkways and falling off the end of the tanker. The tilting system ensures that the gap between the cage and the tanker is minimised and limit switches stop movement before the tanker is contacted.

The range of travel is 1.5m from 3.2m to 4.7m, which gives a safe margin for passing traffic and ensures every form of tanker transport can be safely accessed.

The multi-modal can be designed for any application, ranging in length from 4m to 15m. The platform consists of two sections: Inboard, closest to the folding stair, is the walkway; a 0.6m wide grated plank surface that allows the operator to walk easily along the full length of the tanker top. The second section consists of the ip-up panels; these measure 1.4m long x 0.3m wide with a serrated, non-slip surface. They are easily lifted and parked against the far handrail then secured using the supplied carabineer clips.

Each multi-modal is controlled by a stand-alone power pack and customers can select between, electrically or pneumatic powered hydraulics as well as ATEX, NEMA 7 or NEMA 4 electrical standards. At platform level there is a panel to provide the operator with simple, push-button control of the up, down and tilt movements.

Limit switches on the underside of the cage prevent the unit resting on the tanker, making it ideal for weighbridge activities and further limit switches on the end frame ensure the cage is tilted only within its safe design range.

Did you know?

Liability notice
When a vehicle drives into your business premises, you are held accountable for the safety of the individuals who load your product into that tanker.