The Tanker Enclosure TCEN4 has its own integral walkway built into the structure, giving it greater rigidity and enhanced safety. It is integrated with a folding stair unit which is manually operated.

The enclosure is available up to 12 metres long with aluminium construction. The system can be designed to be used for inspection purposes or with a number of loading arms. The TCEN4 is supplied with ip up oor panels so that access to all areas of the tanker is independent of tanker walkways.

Loadtec has supplied these as single or double sided units, in tight constraints or as stand-alone structures.

The TCEN4 is powered by twin pneumatic cylinders to give a smooth and simple up/down movement over 1.5m. Essentially, it offers the same levels of security and assurance as the Multi-Modal, but without the ability to tilt at each end.

The system is automatically supplied in accordance with ATEX and is operated by a single, simple deadman switch from the platform level. Like the Multi-Modal it can be fitted with switches to detect the tanker and stop the downward movement. Similarly it can be supplied with a parking switch that the client can use to connect to a traffic management system.

Did you know?

A deadly combination – fall arrest and flammable liquids
Fall arrest systems and flammable liquids don’t mix. If a conflagration occurs while an operator is on the tanker, the fall arrest wire will slow down his escape and survival chances. Fear and flight instincts kick in. Unhooking carabiners doesn’t.